SAAM 2012

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), an annual campaign to increase the awareness and prevention of Sexual Assault in the communities across the nation. Throughout the month of April the Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault continues its commitment to raise awareness and promote the prevention of sexual assault in Kern County through the use of special events and public education that will highlight the national start by believing campaign, which is a public awareness campaign designed to change the way we respond to rape and sexual assault in our communities. 

Finding the voice to talk about sexual assault is often very difficult and it takes a lot of courage.  Do your part by opening the lines of communication with the people around you.  Hope and healing start with a voice, a face, and help to break cycles of victimization. Your response when someone tells you that they have been raped is important.  It is vital that we take the first step and start by believing.  At the Alliance, we believe that everyone has a role in preventing sexual assault.   Start by believing together we can end sexual assault!