Domestic Violence Programs


Community Living (Shelter) 
AAFVSA provides a safe, unidentified refuge for battered women and children.  In this caring environment, case managers help the women evaluate their options, and work through the trama by providing immediate assistance and a caring hand. Once the client is stablized, the shelter works in conjunction with the outreach center to provide women and children group and individual counseling, job placement, and a GED program in order to promote success in the future.
During the clients’ 45-day stay, they are provided individual or semi-individual rooms, nutritious meals, clothing, hygiene items, bedding, linen, and laundry services. 

Client services in Shelter
Intensive case management
Group and individual counseling
Child care
Children’s counseling and case management services
Parenting groups
Support Groups
Assistance with obtaining Domestic Violence restraining orders
Accompaniment and advocacy in the criminal justice system
Assistance with employment and housing searches

Therapy services are available to any victim of domestic violence and their children.  These services include individual and group therapy with licensed and pre-licensed mental health professionals.

Peer/Support Groups
Using a peer support model, support groups focus on providing advocacy which includes sharing resources and making referrals to social services and community agencies. Groups provide emotional support, education and information on safety plans, resolving legal problems, or preventing abuse. The groups are led by trained facilitators and are open to women in any stage of an abusive relationship, including women who have recently left a violent situation.

Therapy groups are also available for children who have witnessed violence.  These groups help children give a voice to their experience. More importantly, the groups stress healthy communication skills, and provide children with a model they can use to live a non-violent life.

The Alliance recognizes that loving someone who is violent can be difficult and isolating.  Support groups are available for family members and friends of domestic violence victims to assist them and support them through the crisis.

Case Management
Case management services are available to domestic violence survivors who are having difficulty navigating the myriad systems that are often involved in family violence.  Case managers can provide food and clothing assistance; advocacy with the medical and social service systems; parenting referrals; and support to those survivors who are feeling overwhelmed

Criminal Justice Advocacy
The Alliance provides assistance to domestic violence victims who are engaged with the criminal justice system.  These services include Domestic Violence Restraining Order clinics; accompaniment to court in criminal trials; and advocacy with law enforcement and the district attorney.

Prevention Education and Training (Speakers Available)
The Alliance is committed to ending the insidious cycle of domestic violence in our community.  In order to meet that goal, our Prevention and Training Department is available to speak at any organization in Kern County needing information on domestic violence and its impact.  As a key component of our Prevention Program, we target the growing problem of teen dating violence by providing teenagers with healthy relationship tools.

Rural Outreach
In order to meet the needs of domestic violence victims throughout the Southern San Joaquin Valley, the Alliance provides counseling services and Domestic Violence Restraining Order assistance in our rural communities.  Support groups and crisis assistance are available in Shafter, Arvin, Lamont and Delano.  Please contact 322-0931 for more information.


DV Awareness Month:

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is recognized nationally as the month of October. Local agencies, community groups and interested citizens are invited to join Alliance staff and volunteers to highlight the issue in our community.  Join us in October to raise the awareness of Domestic Violence in Kern! The Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault (AAFVSA) is encouraging everyone to take a stand against domestic Violence.