California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CalCASA)

The California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, a statewide coalition of California's rape crisis centers and prevention programs, provides information on resources, training, legislation, and issues helpful to individuals and groups committed to ending sexual violence.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The NCADV offers national information and nationwide referrals for battered women and their children, the general public, the media, and others. This site tells you how to create your own safety plan and find the professional and other support you need. It also gives you workplace guidelines regarding domestic violence as well as legal guidelines. A state-by-state listing of Coalition offices helps you find shelters and other sources of support nearest you.

No More

NO MORE is a new unifying symbol designed to galvanize greater awareness and action to end domestic violence and sexual assault.  Supported by major organizations working to address these urgent issues, NO MORE is gaining support with Americans nationwide, sparking new conversations about these problems and moving this cause higher on the public agenda.

Love is not Abuse

This web site offers downloadable pamphlets for teens on dating violence and for women on relationship abuse and domestic violence. Extensive action plans are included in all of the pamphlets. Parents will also find pamphlets on learning how to detect the warning signs of dating violence and relationship abuse in their children plus how to help them develop emotionally healthy relationships.

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)

RAINN offers information on the National Sexual Assault hotline they operate, supportive information for survivors and updates on the legislative, fundraising and prevention activities of this nationwide organization. The site also provides a state-by-state directory of rape counseling centers and Toll-free numbers for 24-hour confidential rape crisis hotlines.

National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center

The National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center website (NVAWPRC) is sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is useful to scientists, practitioners, advocates, grassroots organizations, and any other professional or lay person interested in current topics related to violence against women and its prevention.

Gay & Lesbian Center Bakersfield
The Gay & Lesbian Center of Bakersfield is an easy access hub providing a safe, supportive space and services to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. The Center also serves as a bridge to the greater Bakersfield community.

 Safe From the Start

This page features the Safe From the Start initiative of the California Attorney General's Office which is a comprehensive strategy to assist communities in reducing the impact of violence on children. The initiative targets children ages 0 to 18 with an emphasis on children ages 0 to 5, who have been exposed to family, school and/or community violence.

 Action for Children

The webpage of a national non-profit dedicated to advancing the interests of families and young children, this site provides parent education materials, connects parents with one another, and informs and advocates for issues such as early education, health care, and high quality and affordable child care.

The National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute

This site presents information on the organization's efforts to assist and support Latino fathers in their role as active positive partners in nurturing and educating their children.

California Partnership to End Domestic Violence

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence is a catalyst and advocate for social change through innovative solutions to ensure safety and justice for victims and survivors of domestic violence and their children.

Toolkit to End Violence Against Women

This site was developed by the National Advisory Council on Violence Against Women to provide access to the Toolkit To End Violence Against Women. The toolkit offers concrete guidance to communities, policy leaders, and individuals engaged in activities to end violence against women including sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. Each Toolkit chapter focuses on a particular audience or environment and includes recommendations for strengthening prevention efforts and improving services and advocacy for victims.

Administration for Children and Families

This site offers searchable databases offering information on services, funding sources, statistics, publications and calendar events relating to child abuse and neglect issues.

The goal of PreventConnect is to advance the primary prevention of sexual assault and relationship violence by building a community of practice among people who are engaged in such efforts. PreventConnect also builds the capacity of local, state, territorial, national and tribal agencies and organizations to develop, implement and evaluate effective prevention initiatives.

The Child Abuse Prevention Center

This site presents extensive information on child abuse prevention strategies, legislative issues and support resources.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Clearinghouse of resources related to sexual violence intervention and prevention.

FBI's Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

A guide to help parents to protect their children from online sex offenders. Provides definitions, safety tips, and guidance on what you should do next if you suspect your child is communicating with a sexual predator online.


Researchers have found that 1 in 6 men have experienced unwanted or abusive sexual experiences before age 18. And this is probably a low estimate, since it doesn’t include noncontact experiences, which can also have lasting negative effects. If you’ve had such an experience, or think you might have, you are not alone.

Bakersfield Elite Martial Arts

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